Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Welcome, to my (Urre's) humble booth dedicated to the art of CSQC. CSQC tutorials are something which have been requested by many a Quake modder, and seeing as no one had stepped up to the task, I figured I'd attempt to share my knowledge. Originally these articles/tutorials were meant to be released on I3D, but releasing them here will allow me to contribute with alteast something for the QExpo, as well as quicklier releases of my work.


220808: Finally, we have an actual tutorial. This tutorial teaches you about shared entities, which provide many possibilities for new features. In this tutorial we use it for lowered network load, by making Clientside Rockets!

200808: For starters, enjoy my Introduction to CSQC. You can often find me in the #qexpo channel on irc, under either the name Urre or wUrrek, if you want to comment/praise.