Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

I'm a mapper who has been doing Q1SP (&COOP) for over ten years. In that time I've also done Q1DM, Heretic 2 DM, Rune DM, and miscellaneous other stuff. I've also reviewed Heretic 2 maps, Rune maps, and Q1SP maps for both Ethereal Hell and Underworldfan's, which I currently write for. The main purpose of this booth is to preview my upcoming maps. But before I get to that, I'll just link to the other stuff I've done this summer.

First, I just released Soul of Evil: Indian Summer, the new, standalone sequel to Soul of Evil, the massive Quake mission pack that I led development on, which was released in 2002. Here is a screenshot: http://tronyn.planetquake.gamespy.com/indiansummer_3.jpg

Download it here: http://www.quaddicted.com/filebase/nsoe.zip

With the pack I focused on the same "fantasy medieval" theme of the original Soul of Evil; the medieval theme in Quake seems to generate little interest these days however. More information and shots at my site: http://tronyn.planetquake.gamespy.com/

Second, Four Articles of the best maps in each of id Software's original Quake themes, written for Underworldfan's.

Top 10 Base Maps (fairly controversial; I admit I'm not as into base as many mappers who approached Quake from DM originally):

Top 10 Medieval Maps (here's where I know my shit - E2 is my favourite):

Top 10 Runic Maps:

There is a final article, Top 10 Elder World Maps, that will be posted at UWF's soon:

Ok, now HERE are the previews for my upcoming maps, as most of you are probably here for.



Concept: A medium-large episode in which you infiltrate an arcane netherworld in an attempt to destroy a sleeping dark deity, whose subterranean realm is guarded by many cultists who worship It. The theme is a mix of IkBlue and Kell textures; the style could be somewhat described as "Coven of Ebony meets Contract Revoked."

Status: Just about beta - I am currently looking for testers (with powerful machines) who are willing to playtest several unvised beta maps, so that - hopefully - I only have to vis the final maps once. They are all quite large, comparable to the NSOE maps, which added up to over 600 hours of vistime for three maps.

Mappers involved: Pulsar, Tronyn, and Headthump may also be contributing a map.



Concept: an outdoor episode that I originally concieved as a sequel for Rapture (back in the day, [Kona] built some maps for this project which later turned into his final episode, "Autumn Haunting.") In addition to Daikatana E3 set, textures from other sources have been added.

Status: I don't know about Tyrann's map, but my maps are close to playable. It is totally a "when it's done" however, just like it has always been.

Mappers involved: Tronyn, Tyrann. RPG contributed a cool start map. Necros was at one point involved, but he left, although he did leave behind some scraps. Speaking of that, there is a map partially built of scraps (Necros, mine, and others) that I don't have time to finish. Given the long-term nature of this project, if anyone is interested in finishing it, email me (djg164@mail.usask.ca), it'd be great to include that map as originally planned.

and finally...



Concept: the long-awaited final release of this series of Roman-Runic-Hell themed maps, which have been on my hard drive in various forms for almost ten years. At one point, Mike Woodham built an excellent map, humorously titled "A Roaming Wildabeast in Spain" out of some of these scraps, incorporating some great outdoor terrain. I had tried
to build a single map out of some of the scraps he didn't use and some new architecture, but it got absolutely out of hand and could not be loaded in game. I finally decided to split this megamap BACK UP into four medium-sized maps to make an episode - that's right, it began as 13 small maps, became one huge map, then became four medium maps.

Status: Alpha. Should be testing by the end of this month.

Mappers involved: Just Tronyn