Celebrating 12 years of Quake!


09/07/08 - Halo Fans, I present to you Whizard!

I was bored yesterday and decided to practice my mapping techniques and came out with a halo remake of wizard/warlock I call 'whizard'. So after 8 hours of work, this is what I came up with.

09/05/08 - 30 NA, 24 EU

Well, it looks like we've got ourselves one heck of a competition coming up. So far, the count is at 30 players for North America and 24 for Europe. Mapjutsu has also been bubbling. I've added a new package for map developers of these doors that open based on a weapons damage. Suggested weapons are paired with the doors.

08/30/08 - More Videos

I added two new user videos, One from Dj~ and one from pavlvs who's flaunting the new user file page.

08/26/08 - Tourney Signups already over 25

Over 25 players have already signed up for the EU and NA tournaments, have you?


08/25/08 - Mapjutsu and a Nexuiz Tourney

Today we announce the opening of Mapjutsu and in celebration, I've released the first part of my [How-to] Begin Mapping like a Ninja tutorial.

There are also two nexuiz tournaments coming up for EU an NA.


Who Are The Nexuiz Ninjaz?

The Nexuiz Ninjaz are an avid community of Nexuiz players building, sharing and practicing their Nexuiz arts with other ninjaz. The core contributors are developers and gamers alike, participating in many projects both in the spotlight and behind the scenes. We provide various resources such as a Nexuiz Map Repository, Nexuiz Related Image Hosting, Technical Nexuiz How-tos and FAQs and Live Nexuiz Training Classes led by high ninjaz.

In addition to the above resources, we are constantly creating tools to help players and developers. We provide resources for clans, Technical How-tos and FAQs and a a variety of trips, tricks and strategies to help players get on the fast track to playing like a ninja.

Ninja projects are pretty open. Occasionally information about projects will be posted in our development forum but a lot of action takes place behind the scenes. You can find us in #nexuiz.ninjaz on irc.quakenet.org, chat.nexuizninjaz.com for short.

Check us out at www.nexuizninjaz.com

Recent Projects

The Ninja Pack

What Is It?

The ninja pack is a simple no risk, drop-in solution for getting your Nexuiz configured like a ninja. The ninja pack breaks down useful configuration scripts into a logical framework. Thus giving you an out of the box solution with advanced configuration options in a module based system.

What does it offer?

  • Demo Management - Take advantage of Nexuiz's built in demo review/recording features with loadable keybinds
  • Weapon Mangement - Utilizing the Nexuiz 'bestweapon' function which allows weapon fallbacks, this pack has broken down the weapon management into logical divisions of use.
  • Team Messages - Enhanced defaults and mousewheel messages
  • Variable FOV - Change your field of view with your mousewheel
  • HUD ehancements - An enhanced HUD, netgraph, fps and speedometer
  • Very Customizable - Your current binds will run on top of it! If you already use 'autoexec.cfg', just rename it to 'personal_binds.cfg" and it will take priority over the ninja pack keybinds / scripts.

More Information Here

The Dojo

The dojo is a community map project, started by MooKow. It's created to help train Nexuiz players both old and new. There is a dedicated server up at thedojo.nexuizninjaz.com

Searchable Nexuiz cvar list

In an effort to help server admins, developers and gamers quickly find the options they are looking for, -z- has created a searchable Nexuiz cvar list. You can use the tool here.

The Nexuiz Homepage

The Nexuiz Homepage was designed by -z- in an effort to attract new players and better organize information.

The Planet Nexuiz Tourney Site

The Nexuiz Tourney site was skinned by -z- but Nexuiz player deserver a sexy tourney page! This design also explores a move towards the classic grungy look Nexuiz is going for..

Ninja Speed Challenge

The ninja speed challenge was created by pavlvs in an attempt to organize speed caps and make them highly accessible. Downloading a demo and finding the time where the cap took place can often times be painful. The thread uses embeded youtube videos to help speed freaks get their fix ASAP.


In addition to the other projects, ninjaz like to show off their skills and share their knowledge with aspiring ninjaz. Below are some action videos and tutorials created by ninjaz.



Noteworthy Ninjaz

While players can support the ninjaz by joining the forums, some have stood out above the rest by contributing their expertise to the cause. Below we pay our respects to those Ninjaz who have helped us become the strong, proud community we are today.

Core Contributors

  • Dokujisan has done so much for the Nexuiz North American clan scene. I can't even begin to tell you.
  • mkzelda has helped in many different ways, usually more central to tourney play and server administration. His knowledge of the genre and strong morals have helped the community grow in a positive direction.
  • AceOfThumbs is a magnificent programmer who founded training.nexuizninjaz.com, essentially creating Ninja School. His cfgs are epic.
  • pavlvs is the master of speed. He lets everyone know, it's okay to go fast.
  • MooKow is a newcomer who brings great ideas to the table and sees his projects through to the end. He's just begun mapping a few months again an has made well over 4 (that I know of) including the dojo.
  • nifrek is the creator of NANL, which hasn't quite taken off yet but >a href="http://www.nexuizninjaz.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=102">the physics are still quite popular (and fun).

Special Thanks To


We like creating mockups and such, so... hope to see some of these things implemented (if they haven't been already):

The Nexuiz Ninjaz are constantly developing, collaborating and thinking up new ideas. For the latest in development, check out our forums or catch us on #nexuiz.ninjaz on irc.quakenet.org

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