Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

We at Team Blur are committed to bringing you the very best experience you can get from a free online game, and as such we know we can't do that with as small a team as we have right now. Currently the team consists of three full time members, Berserk working on code, Mo working on weapon models/animations and myself working on just about everything else. Currently our SVN sits at around 4,000 files, from map models and weapons, to textures and art. That's an amazing resource for a part time mapper who does maps for a hobby to come in and help out if he wishes, because the media is there, and what isn't, the team will make for them. And there's the problem. Even though OverDose is moving along, it's moving along at a slower pace than we would like. Thus, Team Blur is currently looking for anybody to come in and help us with media. We currently don't have any completed maps for OverDose, only SDK maps. We currently don't have any player models for OverDose, only concept art. We currently don't have the team we would like, and we would like anybody who feels they can contribute to the project to get in touch with us.

Here is a re-cap of some basic gameplay features OverDose has:

· Team/Class based multiplayer pits the struggling Confederate Marine Corps against the invading alien Marauder's in a classic RtCW style team based game.

· Fight over huge terrain and take the battle to the Marauders or defend against the evil Earth CMC forces in smaller classic corridor shooter maps and vice versa.

· Weapons are customisable, with scopes, laser sights, silencers etc, with changing attributes to balance the gameplay.

· Weapons for the CMC include the deadly Flamer, the awesome RPG, and the deadly Sniper Rifle among others.

· Weapons for the MDR include the deadly Spiker, the flesh ripping Shredder and the high precision Railgun among others.

· With teams highly balanced but A-symmetrical, choosing the right class is a life or death situation for you and your team.

· Compete online with persistent game rankings, built in VOIP support, clan logo and team names, plus many more.

· Customise the appearance of your class, with different skin tone selections and faces.

· Using a highly customized engine, OverDose not only delivers "Per Pixel Lighting", but also "Soft Shadows", "MD5Mesh/MD5Anim" models for weapons/players, a highly tweakable "terrain and foliage system" and more kick ass stuff than you can shake a chicken eating a shoe at.

· Plus much, much more...

As you can see, not only is OverDose on the right lines to delivering a kick ass FREE game to everybody, we also believe we have an amazing community already built upon our last project, Quake II Evolved. To steal a quote from the awesome Cliff Blezinsky himself, we want OverDose to be "Bigger, better and more bad ass" than anybody is expecting. But to do that, we need help, we need team members.

Anybody who feels they have what it takes to work with us on this awesome project please get in touch with us via either e-mail or the community forums (Links below). As a bonus, here are a few screenshots of the project in progress.

Thanks, and hope to hear from you all soon.

Lead Artist for Team Blur.
email: odiummsn (at) hotmail (dot) com

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