Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
Do you think it would be fun to drag race in QuakeWorld? I thought it would
be worth a shot, and in a few hours I wrote a very simple drag race mod!

Consider it a speedmod. The concept is there, but it's far from professional quality.
For instance, there are no car sounds :(
But you don't need sounds to go fast!

The current specs:
You drive a 5 speed car (with a clutch, omg)

You must try to get the fastest time possible on the race courses.

There is an gauge with engine rpm and current gear. You must shift gears to maintain the
engine's power band and not go past redline. Shifting gears lowers your rpm's
so your engine won't blow up, and downshifting raises the rpm's for
a sudden burst of speed after a slow turn, or to keep the engine from stalling.

There are mods you can buy. Want to supercharge your car? done.

Also, this is a long test map to check my code; all you mappers, don't hate me :(
I actually plan to make 2 basic maps: a straightaway and a ring.

Before I start the race:

Second gear, about a third through the map

Shifted into third.. and hey! that finish sure came up fast from the last shot!

basic keys:
bind a key to +startcar
-to start your car, use the clutch then press this key once
bind a key to +drive
-how you move, if you have the clutch in the your just increase rpms instead of moving+rpm
bind a key to +clutch
-the clutch, must use to shift gears and start the car / pop the clutch
bind a key to +upshift
-shift up to the next gear. must use clutch to upshift
bind a key to +downshift
-shift down, useful when turning corners, keep from stalling out.

To start car (for those of you that need to know how.)
keystrokes: press & hold the clutch key, press your startcar key once, then press
+drive to get some decent rpm's then let up on the clutchkey

To shift to next gear: (speedshifting is fine in quake, not the real world :P)
keystrokes: press & hold the clutch, then press your +upshift key, then release
the clutch key. (you can just keep holding +drive during the entire process)

To downshift:
same as shifting to next gear, only use +downshift instead of +upshift

Sounds easy, right?
Let's hope I finish this mod and its features in time for the end to qexpo :)