Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Midair 8.22.08 primarily concerns the scoring and stat systems.

I think these features are important and well needed, and help
with the gameplay, which is always a plus.

* At the 5min/1min/30second timelefts, there will be an announcement
about which player is leading the game and by how many frags, since
most players probably don't have a scoreboard inbuilt into their HUD,
and don't want to pause to look at the scoreboard in a close game.

* There is also reporting of players who are currently on a 5/10/15 kill
streak, with bonus points added to their round score as well.

* A bug fix: There was a small chance of a divide by 0 in the score calculation,
which I had only seen happen once in 2 months, but once is too many :p

* Optimized the PlayerPreThink function run every frame by dividing up the
if () statement to several smaller statements, with the least likely if()
statement to be true checked first.

If you haven't already, download the starter package and then replace
the qwprogs from 8.22.08 over the 6.30.08 qwprogs for the update.
The qwprogs update
The server/configs/sounds/maps