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Superstitious's QW Midair Booth

9/10/08 -- unrelated to midair.. :(
It's a bird! It's a plane!.... it's a dragster?

Update 8/24/08 -- Midair 8.22.08 is here!
The changelog & update can be found here, which
describes the new score features and miscellaneous other stuff

The gameplay of Midair is not a new concept. You can only kill your opponent while he is in
the air, and you must have good air control to dodge enemy rockets. The game of midair is
very fast paced and it fits perfectly with the concept of speed in QuakeWorld that we all know.
What could be better than fast paced action and seeing great midairs? That is what this mod
is all about. There are many variations with different gameplay settings and modes, and this
is my version of midair for QuakeWorld. Midair is a great game mode to perfect your
movement and accuracy at the same time, as the games are extremely fast paced - which is
what QuakeWorld is all about! :p

I have also made my own midair map, based on player suggestions called midairduel.

This version of midair is targeted to Team Fortress / Mega Team Fortress players in the USA,
and as a result the scoring system, rocket speed, etc have been modified to suit TF players
looking for a different form of gameplay for some rocket launcher practice or 1on1's.

Midair is currently played on the Amnesia MegaTF Midair Server (ip:
The only custom files are some countdown sounds and a few popular DM maps
that are suited for midair, so downloads are quick.

This variation of midair started in August of 2006 as a hobby and it is still developed today
with new and practical features being added.
The home site of midair is here.
There is a list of features here.

A server starter package (maps/sounds/server config/server) can be found right here.

I have not been alone in developing this mod, and there are many people I would like to

Id Software - For Quakeworld and the QW QC source
Previous versions of midair by everyone else for inspiration
FrikaC - for the frikbot
Misery - For hosting this mod since 2006 and his support
XavioR/Avirox - for help with many bugfixes/voting code

Qexpo changes:
Day 10: midair 8.22.08 qwprogs update
Day 5: added page about midairduel map
Day 3: booth refined
Day 2: booth refined
Day 1: initial booth created

Well, I don't think this booth turned out too bad :)