Celebrating 12 years of Quake!


the lists:

Continued from the second page...

halo: Halo of Fire (Leap of Faith)
ne_sp06: Once Upon Atrocity
soe_full: Soul of Evil
add2: A Desert Dusk 2: Scorpion Garrison
rpgsp1: Penile Devastation
dd: Death's Dominion
invein: Invein
polybase: Polygon Base
100b3: 100 Brush Mapping Contest 3
ne_sp04: The Emptiness Without
sop_v2: Source of Power (Re-release)
nastrond: Nastrond
hhouse: Fall Cleaning
coagulacontest2: Coagula Contest 2
februus: Februus Depth
fantasy: Fantasy Quake: Rise of the Phoenix
hellchepsout: Hatchepsout: The Temple of Hell
cmc: Cheyenne Mountain Complex
monfree.zip: Project: MonsterFree
coma: Coma
haunting: Autumn Haunting
gmsp3: Day of the Lords
heresp4: Beyond the Black Sun
nightjourney_v2: The Night Journey (Re-release)
fmb100: A Roaming Wildebeest in Spain
lunsp1: Concentric Devastation
cda: Castle of the Dark Ages
maelstrom_v2: A Descent into the Maelstrom
event: Event Horizon
masque_final: The Masque of the Red Death
winterpack2005-2006: Egyptian Rhapsody
sewage: Sewage Devastation
dm3rmx: Occupied Base
distractions: Distractions
digs01: Digs01
digs03: Digs03
xplore: Explore or Die
back2forwards: Forwards Compatible
zertm_pack: Zerstörer Turtle Map Pack
base_debris: Base Debris: Fort Ratsack
src: The Slime Refinery Complex
src2: The Slime Refinery Complex: v2
hulk256: Data Download
slave: Slave to a Machine
fr3nrun2: The Grand Guignol
qshift: Quakeshift
tpof: The Palace of Fear
768_pack: Vertical Map Pack

...and many more to come.