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opcondor: Operation Condor
sofsp1: Soldier of Fortune, Inc.
cryo: Daredevil's Descent and Cryogenic Crypt
alk07: Egyptian Myth
oblivion: Castle of Oblivion
perssp1: Perssp1
add: A Desert Dusk
jjspq3: Strength. Service. Honour.
lthsp4: Dark Days
rumours: Recurrent Rumours
percept: Perception
oum: Operation: Urth Majik
mayard: Sir Mayard and the Mountain
gatordiv: Gatorman's Diversion
canal3: The FloodGate
cdespair: Court Despair
gunman02: Undergraves
museum: Museum
ovrridn: Over Ridden
martim6: Lucifer's Path
lomgoat: Lombard and Goatlord's Level Pack
purg3: Reconstruction
old_city: The Old City
kjsp1: Avanipaala Praasaada
jackboot: Jackboot Hero
coagula: Coagula
coagula3_bone: Coagula 3: Bone
alk11: Grizly Manifest
dig: The Dig
rc2_3: Towne
100b: 100 Brush Mapping Contest
alk13: The Looming Madness
e1m1rmx: The Slipgate Duplex
pbrsp1: Hexameron: Phase One
avatar: Avatar
simmer2: Simmer 2
assault: Assault
hellbridge: The Hellbridge
marine: Ultramarine
sm36: Subterranean Siege
alk15: Brumal Quest
sg3: Notlob's Parting Shot
aopv105: Abyss of Pandemonium
sop123: Source of Power
middle: The Middle Evil
coe: Coven of Ebony
canal: The Canal
sadlark4: The Domain of Sadlark
wind: Valley of the Wind
tcentral: Teleportation Central

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