Celebrating 12 years of Quake!


the lists:

Artistic touch may be lacking.
However, gameplay and neat construction make up for it.
Note that quality / style greatly varies in this section.
Enjoyment is guaranteed though.

rc1: The Frater Fracas
morbid_2: Morbidity II
abw: All Black Within
actaltrz: Escape from Actaltraz
hostile: Fucking Hostile
real: Far Beyond Reality
fatalpla: The Fatal Place
qblack: Black
ikspq3: Halls of the Shambler God
ikspq4: Homecoming
ikspq5: The Secret Installation
camber: The Castle Amber
outpost2: The Keldjoran Outpost
tfl: The Forgotten Level
sadlark6: The Sacrifice of Flesh
gor1: Gods of Rapture
epoch: The Epoch Turning
jawbreak: Jawbreaker
arcane: Arcane
utah: Death's Taste
bnt: Bridges and Towers
chaos: The Crawling Chaos
sgodrune: Tale of Abbot's Rune
ls: LS
cloning: The Cloning Facility
e-5: Pak 5
valour: Steel Valour
jtkmap6: Area 51
moonlite: Moonlight Assault
jjspq1: Vigil of the Night
golgotha: Castle Golgotha
mcm01: Curse of the Pharaoh
mospq1: The Castle of Morpheus
jjspq2: Unseen Assailant
cursed: The Occursed
a3: The Journey Home
descent: Descent
ksm: King Solomon's Mines
torture: Torture
dethcrch: Death Church
decree: Devil's Decree
dspirl11: The Downward Spiral
warpgate: The Warpgate
royalwar: Royal Warriors
hellctle: Hell's Castle
obiwan: Prepare for Hell
starship: Starship
ghost: Ghost Town
sgc6: Notlob's Castle
sgc8: Notlob's Moonshot

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