Celebrating 12 years of Quake!


the lists:

Atmosphere and gameplay matters.
Design is generally top-notch for its time.

bbelief: Beyond Belief
zer: Zerstorer - Testament of the Destroyer
mexx9: Penumbra of Domination
mexx10: The Cassandra Calamity
rubicon: Rubicon
fmb5: For My Babies 5
damaul6: Bestial Devastation
apsp1: The Final Threat
czg07: Insomnia
fmb8: For My Babies 8
cougalacontest: Cougala Contest
xnq1002: Centurion
terra: Terra Thing
alk12: Fearcraft
contract: Contract Revoked
nehahra1-3: Nehahra
sm82: Rubicondom
flesh: Carved in Flesh
could: And All That Could Have Been
nesp09: Dawn of Eternity
ac: Adamantine Cruelty
kinn_bastion: Bastion of the Underworld
menk: Menkalinan
ant: Antediluvian
kinn_marcher: The Marcher Fortress
red777: Red777
ne_marb: Crescendo of Dreams
hdn: Hangover Devastation
travail: Travail
thehand: (Don't Bite) The Hand That Feeds You
hrim_sp3: Breakfast at Twilight

Note that I'm still playing Warpspasm.
5rivers, digs04, dis_sp6 and nsoe are also queued.