Celebrating 12 years of Quake!


the lists:

Greetings, Slipgater. '08 is the first QuakeExpo that I have the chance to check on a daily basis, while the things are still going, thus, it got me pretty excited. I just had a look around and thought, 'why not contribute, one way or another?'. Here is my humble booth then. Welcome.

Well, even though I like to have WorldCraft sessions now and then, I'm still no mapper or a modder. Rather, I have been an avid Q1SP player since the summer of 2004. Thanks to the archived review sites of the time, I had a kick-start with quality maps - though I've also seen many horrors, since no single map had gone unplayed by me. In time, I had a grasp of things for sure: both engine and design wise. Guess I now have a pretty good knowledge of what makes a good Quake map, or those small touches that make an excellent one.

Over the course of the years, I kept a log of what I played and when - a basic text file that is nearly a hundred kilobytes by now. Now, it may seem reduntant to some, though I've decided to list the cream of the crop for Expo's sake; as I thought there'd be many that haven't tasted them yet. The two main lists are mostly personal favourites picked out of what the various review sites offered in their time. As for the experienced, I offer the above-average picks from the good ol' idgames2 archives.

Hope this reference list proves helpful to a few. The listings are somewhat (and mostly) chronological. Forgive my shaky English, by the way. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Just drop me a line.

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