Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Quake CTF is not dead, it's alive and growing.

6 months ago we started playing weekly games of ThunderWalker CTF.
We play weekly scheduled games. New players are welcome too! Experience the fastest, most action packed mod in the history of FPS. (Thursday and Saturday at 10 pm EST / 7pm PST)

Visit our forums at http://www.twctf.org/ or our IRC channel at #twctf on ETG for more info and files to play twctf.

ThunderWalker CTF is a quakeworld mod for Quake created over 10 years ago by Panda o' Fire and Fezzik.

Its 2008 though and we are updating everything to 24 bit. Dregs has done some great work with this and has actually made new weapon models. He is working on a new sniper rifle (see image)

Before and after shots of Dregs work (added 8/16/08)

-- Grapple
-- Airfist
-- Sniper

Doc is almost finished with adding map voting to our sever as well using FTE QW server.

Join us Saturday, August 30th at (10pm EST/ 7pm PST) for Thunderwalker Smackdown Extravaganza III (added 8/29/08)

This is our big monthly fragfest where our forum members voted on 10 maps to play.

Coming soon more 24 bit map textures. (should have update on this soon)

For an example check out these images from pigremix.

Brand New Laser Rifle update here (added 9/9/08)

Also New 24 bit map textures

twctf2m9 (Twin Keeps)

twctf8 (Washout)

twctf1 (Cheat Complex)

(gameplay youtube video below)