Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
Help Wanted

Open Fortress is looking for new team members and testers to help us complete our project! Even though Open Fortress is currently in a playable state, there's still a long way yet to go and we're asking the community for their help and support. If you think you can contribute to the project in one of the following categories, please contact us!

Engine Coder (with general Quake3/ioQuake3 coding experience)
Gameplay Coder (C/C++, Q3VM knowledge a definate plus) - Particles & general weapons effects
User Interface/Menu Programmer (Quake 3, Team Arena-style menus)
Bot waypoints and scripts (Omni-bot)

Mappers (Q3/ET BSP)
Texture Design Artists
Menu Design Artist

Playtesting/Alpha Testing:
We need playtesters who are willing to attend weekly scheduled games. The role of testers right now will be to report bugs and provide feedback on current game mechanics. Prospective testers do not need a hefty machine - anything that can run Open Arena or Quake 3 should do just fine.

Send an e-mail to or contact on MSN: avirox38@hotmail.com