Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
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What's New?

-Built in VoIP support from ioQ3 with expanded functionality in testing... (sv_alltalk, possibly icons in future)
-Improved Bots [More detail on this later]
-Missile trails can be colored to your liking now, options are '0' for off, 'team' for the owner's team color, and a wide variety of standard colors that are used elsewhere for cvars seen to color things.
-Recons do not take any falling damage
-Stability/Fixes/Improvements from ioQ3 project
-Q3 and ET are not required
-Native Libraries are used now instead of quake virtual machine.
-Supply Stations now emit an ID like Sentries to allied players (with extended data to allied engineers).
-Merged most of the ETF code base
-Tremulous-like Admin System
-Bloom support
-Being gassed causes you to see random leveled sentry models instead of just random player teams/classes
-New custom usermenu file format with future support for menu titles
-New ammo clip system that doesn't take ammo away from reserve when shooting a clipped weapon
-Ability to aim sentries instead of just rotating them
-Misc. bugfixes that q3f & etf didn't fix
-Some new map entities, additions and changes to support for existing entities
-Improved classname checks in code with hashed versions for faster lookup performance
-Entities that would/should kill a player will force them to be dead and forces god mode off
-Merged some necessary features that worked in ET but didn't in Q3 (such as quick popup menus that dont interfere with gameplay, extra shader cmds that ETF maps make use of, etc)
-PNG read and write support
-Agents can disguise team and class at same time now
-Agents can choose last disguise to pick the disguise they last were
-Flag entities remember their spawn angles instead of resetting to 0 on re-inactive
-Napalm Cannon is now a mortar style missile instead of slower moving rocket that can ignite things
-'disguisecriteria' flagged entities will still trigger if you are an agent in disguise as enemy and the allowteams is still your 'real' team (if this causes any problems with maps in the future we can revert or move to new flag)
-Engineers regenerate armor same as medics regen health now
-Engineers also regenerate cells and nails while wielding the railgun (3 nails & 20 cells every 6 seconds)
-If local player is a recon, said player is not affected by the conc drunkenness now
-Allied players not affected by conc drunkenness now
-Extended color code support
-Fixed missing recon term cleanup function