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8/30/08: Added new custom usermenu file format with future support for titles on the menus. Also added: players gassed now see random sentry level models. :]

8/23/08: The first Open Fortress screenshots are up! Check em out =)

Yes we realize this looks like Q3F/ETF still and that is somewhat of the point. The ETF assets stay in except the maps will be getting a make-over in the near future, starting with Stag which is already a work in progress.  Also the bloom is there at run-time, not added to the screenshots later. On side note, all of the action seen here is made up of bots playing.

Help Wanted

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What is Open Fortress?

Open Fortress is a standalone multi-platform team and class-based first person shooter. The game will be licensed under GPL using a modified ioQuake3 engine, and is modeled after Quake 3 Fortress and Enemy Territory Fortress. Once released, the project will be fully opensourced for users to make their own modifications and tweaks to the code. The point of Open Fortress is to provide fans of Team Fortress and tactical class-based FPS games with a standalone source for oldschool fun combined with new bugfixes, tweaks, and various additions like improved bot support.

How is this project possible - aren't the ETF and Q3F source codes private?

Open Fortress was started in corroboration with and with the permission of members of the ETF team and Splash Damage. RR2D02 of Splash Damage has lent the Open Fortress team an advanced copy of the Q3F and ETF code, the former of which will soon be released under full GPL to the public. Lavagod, project leader of the ETF team, has also made it possible for the models and sounds from ETF to be usable and distributable with Open Fortress.

When will the project be done? Will there be a release for QEXPO 08?

Due to the small team currently working on the project and the recentness of its public announcement, Open Fortress has a little while yet until it's ready for the mass public. However, we will soon be looking for alpha and beta testers, and where better to make such information available than Quake Expo 2008 =) More info on testing will be posted in the booth at a later date..

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Current Team:
Ensiform - Lead Programmer/Design
XavioR (avirox) - Project Director
Fiend - Community Master/Public Relations
Jedi - Mapper/Texture Artist + Map Model Design