Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Quake2xp is advanced quake 2 port created by team of programmers

and some contibutions from other Q2 GPL ports. Our goal is provide

good modern graphics to Q2 engine while keep in mind that atmosphere

must stay as failful as possible.

    Our goal:

  • Advansed particle and decal system

  • Dynamic shadow volumes

  • Hi resolution textures support

  • Realtime refraction and caustics surfaces

  • Lens flares and sun

  • Advansed models effects - Bump mapping, Glow and Caustics effects

  • OpenAL 3d audio subsystem with EAX2

  • Hi resolution lightmaps support

  • Hardware motion blur and bloom effects

  • Doom2 style nightmare skill

  • Predator deathmatch mod

  • And much more you can look here

    download here

Open image for full size view