Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
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Welcome to my booth for quake Expo 2008:

I have been running a Quake 1 SP map review site for 6 years!

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And I have Tronyn to thank for a lot of excellent new content. Tronyn has compiled 4 Top 10 Lists of his favorite Q1SP Maps, split by four themes: Base, Medieval, Runic, Elder World.
I will be publishing 1 top 10 list each day of Quake Expo: so the first Top 10 Ranking is posted today.

Quake Expo 2008 Articles by Tronyn

Day 1 Article: Top 10 Base Maps. 08/15/2008.
Day 2 Article: Top 10 Medieval Maps. 08/16/2008.
Day 3 Article: Top 10 Runic Maps. 08/17/2008.
Day 6 Article: Top 10 Elder World Maps. 08/20/2008.