Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

ATex`s Q2 proj. retexturing and design project for berserker@quake2 engine.

project developed in common with Berserker@Quake2 engine mode by Sergei "Berserker" Borodulin.my project include some remaked textures and new additional textures based on original art of ID software for Quake2,and some new original stuff such as flyQbe(new monster).

short overview berserker@quake2:

    Graphic improvements:

  • Realtime per-pixel lighting and shadow volumes

  • Bumpmap (normalMaps)

  • Detailed normalMaps

  • SpecularMaps

  • HeightMaps (parallax mapping)

  • Luminous textures

  • Fence textures

  • Optical distorts

  • Caustics surfaces

  • Mirrors

  • Layered fog

  • Non sphere lights, cubemap lighfilters

  • Lights linked with moving and rotating brush models

  • Advanced particle system, emitters, linkable to brush models

  • Advanced decal system. Marks the brush models

  • Animated or static, client- or server-sided misc_model, linkable to brush models

  • World's brush and model smoothing based in depending on corners between planes

  • Simple FX system: chrome, power, shells, mapping, styles and etc

  • Simple material system: custom decals, sounds and debrises per material

  • Additional model properties through simple MFX system

  • MD2, MD3 and ASE model support

  • SP2 and new SP3 sprite support

  • Hi-res images PCX, WAL, TGA, JPG, PNG and DDS support

  • Lens and sun flares

  • In-game editor:

  • Storage of additional map's properties in separate .lit files

  • Re-light support

  • Custom targeted lights, models and emitters support

  • Custom map models, decals, emitters, skyWorld, fog and etc support

  • Comfortable management: great number of editor's commands

  • Checksum protection for .lit in multiplayer: all clients must have identical .lit

  • Berserker@Quake2 links:


Retexturing overview

purpose of the project:complete remake textures and create new additional textures for first episode of the Quake2.i decided base of my work on original textures.i tried to recognise what artist wanted to depict in, and represent it in form of my bump maps, parallax.in some cases
added light(luminous) textures,distort etc. to more expressive to pass what kind of surface we will see in game.tiny scratches,rusty cavities,rough paint in my first release i was placed in bump maps with main form.now Sergei add new possibility to plase it in additional textures - detail bump or height map(parallax),depending on what more need to explain character of surfase.on this account i will remake my first work to attain more impressive results in next release.
so, work in progress!

retexture project links:

retexture site
retexture forum

and some hard piece of work is relighting maps.in editor we have many tools to add more dramatic effects by adding styles to the lights, emitters with smoke or sparks, decals with blood splats or else, animated models or static, linking lights to moving brushes etc.litle bit of it you can see от screen shots.


special thanks:
Sergei "Berserker" Borodulin
Quake2XP develope team: Kirill "Barnes" Bahtin ,Konstantin "KRIGSSVIN" Belichenko
QuakeGate Forum community,and especially webmaster Artem "DOOMer"

I love this Game! - Alexander "ATex" Betliy artist,designer