Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

NEW version released 2008/08/22!

QuakeGX is a port of Quake to the Nintendo Wii. Its based on the previous port to the Nintendo Gamecube by Peter Mackay and have many new features in comparison to its gamecube counterpart, including:

*Fully hardware-accelerated graphics.
*Wiimote and nunchuk support. Including Metroid Prime 3-style aiming and view locking.
*On-screen keyboard.
*More convenient to use - you just need the Homebrew Channel installed and an SD card.

This project is only two months old, but you are able to enjoy the full single player experience.

Current things being developed include a frontend to select command line options options (including playing mods)

You can play mods with the current version if you edit a source file and do a simple function call or do the necessary filesystem changes to the ID1 directory.

Planned features include:
*Split screen multiplayer - HARD, but doable.
*Networked games. Possible now if we do a TCP<->UDP proxy, as the current open source driver for the Wii's wireless adapter only supports TCP connections.

(Another thing: on the current version, the engine fails if there is a cache mismatch on the texture management. Forgot completely about that old issue when writing that code, sorry.)

Project page at Google Code

Quake-Wii by Eluan Miranda. Quake-Gamecube by Peter Mackay. Booth image by "Tibonou." Insert other blah-blah-blah here. :)