Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Quake Speedmapping

Speedmapping are fun events that allow mappers to create small SP or DM levels in a short time (some two hours instead of weeks or months as full-size maps take), then share them with each other and the community. It's about enjoying the process of mapping, experimenting with new ideas, seeing how other people realize a certain theme, or just for exercise, without the pressure to create something perfect.
So far, there have been almost 150 SM sessions - you can check out most of the packs in the Quaddicted SM archive.

During this QExpo four speedmapping events are going to take place.

Results: 4 SP maps by negke, rudl, Text_Fish and Zwiffle

Download: smqe08a_pack.zip
Feel free to post comments here.

City in a forest
Results: 5 SP maps by lurker, negke, Omus, Text_Fish and Zwiffle

Download: smqe08b_pack.zip
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Results: 1 SP map by negke

Download: smqe08c_pack.zip
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Teleporter madness
Results: 6 SP maps by adamllis, HeadThump, Lunaran, Omus, Sielwolf and Spirit

Download: smqe08d_pack.zip
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To participate, simply create a map and send it to negke gmx net before the deadline. (By the way, the themes are optional - there is no need to follow them closely if you do not feel like it)
The maps will then be released in this booth and at Func_Msgboard.

If you have questions or comments, you can get in touch with me on IRC: #qexpo.