Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

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And so, the expo opens! What will Zee Doktor do this time?
Apparently Tutorials. And perhaps p1mpage of Hellsmash! =P

September, 12th 2008 - No Hellsmash, nor Hellsmash p1mpage, but I do have DRSGv1 for you to wreak havoc on the old IKSPQ Map pack with! Go get it now! Since this is the last qExpo update I'll be making, also make sure to visit http://forums.inside3d.com and http://www.inside3d.com for more tutorials and perhaps the inevitable Hellsmash release! w00t!

Aug, 24th 2008 - Tutorial 03 is now up! 02 colored code text is broked for now.

Aug, 15th 2008 - Tutorial 01 is now up!

Tutorial 01 - Health System Overhaul Tutorial

Tutorial 02 - Getting rid of AutoAim and GetShOrg (Get Shot Origin) Tutorial

Tutorial 03 - Adding a new weapon to Quake

DRSGv1 - Final qExpo Release!