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Megaman Quake 2

A Quake 2 TC in progress by DNA and the Riders of the Apocalypse clan.

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Qexpo Related News:
Friday 8/22/08 - New Single Player Test Map. NeedleMan Test

This includes:
Needlemantest.bsp, New textures, New Sounds, New Build of gamex86.dll (This is 1.41a and is not stable at all), A new export of the needleman model released by beans, Unsupported preliminary chasecam modes (cmds are chasecam 1 and chasecam 0), and New monster models.
edit: Music thanks to DurfarC and vgmusic.com

Extract to c:\quake2 and overwrite any existing megaq2 files
To start the map type:
game megaq2
map needlemantest

Saturday 8/16/08 - Beanstorm and myself have been feverishly at work creating a new SP preview for the Qexpo. Expect release of a brand new single player test map which will include a new build of the mod including many new features. Also in the works is an animated version of rush. You can check out first hand some of Beanstorms work at his project page for megaq2.

Current Feature List:
Here's the official v1.3 release. This is the third stable release including view weapons and source. More detailed list in readme file.
If you find any bugs or have any questions then contact me here or at the zeliepa.com/dna forums.


File size is roughly 3.1Mb

Extract to main quake 2 directory.
Example: c:\quake2

The following structure exists inside of the zip
Zip contains the structures

This will create the folder

Extract the source wherever you see fit

View Weps only download
(The view weps are included in the 1.3 full but if you want to only download the view weps below is the link)

Download here. 1.51 MB

Extract to c:\quake2\megaq2
This will create the folders

drop tech

(weapon switching is hard coded so custom weapon numbers are not needed)

The powerups have been replaced with enhancements that resemble the original games. You need to press your +use button to use a powerup

Wall Kicks (bandolier) - Press +use to climbe walls
Air Sliding (Pack) - Press +use while in air to slide
E-Tank (adrenaline) - Collect additional health and press +use to heal
Second Blaster (silencer) - Press and hold +use to fire and charge an offhand x-buster
Phase Shield (power shield) - Temporarily become invincible after being hit
Riding Tank (quad) - War tank that can fire plasma with normal attack and rockets with +use. Player exits tank when it is destroyed.
Super Armor (Invulnerability) - Permanent red armor that can charge when damage is taken. When armor reaches 200 press +use to cause a large explosion
Buster Upgrade (power screen) - Allows players to charge up special weapons for stronger attacks

Sliding or (also known as Dashing) has been added to your movement. Press forward and duck to thrust yourself forward quickly.

#1 X-Buster - Fires energy blasts. May be charged to fire plasma bursts.
#2 Dust Crusher - Fires a block of scrap that breaks into pieces when it hits a wall or player.
#3 Skull Shield - Spawns protectiv skulls around the player that also damage anyone they touch
#4 Crash Bomber - Fires a bomb that drills into the wall and then activates a timer to explode
#5 Rolling Cutter - A spinning blade that firs in a circular motion
#6 Hyper Bombs - High Explosives with a short fuse
#7 Magnet Missile - Explosive projectile that attracts to metalic robot adversaries
#8 Needle Cannon - Deep piercing´┐Ż projectiles shot at rapid fire rate.
#9 Gemini Laser - High power laser that can reflect off of surfaces
#0 Beam sword - A sword made of plasma energy designed for the Maveric Hunter Zero. Can be charged to fire explosive plasma blasts.

Additional Items:
Extra Life (Mega Health) - Functions the same as a mega health
Life Heart (Stimpacks) - Functions the same as normal stimpacks and can also raise the players maximum health up to 120.

Additional Misc. features explained:
- Each weapon has a limit of how many projectiles may exist at one time. This is very accurate to the original games.
- Weapons cannot be switched while one of it's projectiles are still in existance.
- Gemini Lasers and Skull shields take longer to switch than other weapons. This also is very accurate to the original games.
- Weapon models have been replaced with the special weapon tokens that robot masters drop in megaman 1.
- Weapon ammunition and gun models are determined by colors.
- Players no longer leave bodies or gibs.

This project is a strong supporter of the Tastyspleen Community