Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Berserker@Quake2 is a heavily modified Quake2 engine.

Programming: Serge Borodulin aka Berserker(tm).

Art: Alex Betliy aka ATex (hi-res normalMaps and heightMap) and Jim and Chris Waurzyniak (full hi-res retexture).

Berserker@Quake2 based on some early Tenebrae's PPL algorithms, modified and improved. Main goal is provide modern graphics to Quake2 engine.

    Graphic improvements:

  • Realtime per-pixel lighting and shadow volumes

  • Bumpmap (normalMaps)

  • Detailed normalMaps

  • SpecularMaps

  • HeightMaps (parallax mapping)

  • Luminous textures

  • Fence textures

  • Optical distorts

  • Caustics surfaces

  • Mirrors

  • Layered fog

  • Non sphere lights, cubemap lighfilters

  • Lights linked with moving and rotating brush models

  • Advanced particle system, emitters, linkable to brush models

  • Advanced decal system. Marks the brush models

  • Animated or static, client- or server-sided misc_model, linkable to brush models

  • World's brush and model smoothing based in depending on corners between planes

  • Simple FX system: chrome, power, shells, mapping, styles and etc

  • Simple material system: custom decals, sounds and debrises per material

  • Additional model properties through simple MFX system

  • MD2, MD3 and ASE model support

  • SP2 and new SP3 sprite support

  • Hi-res images PCX, WAL, TGA, JPG, PNG and DDS support

  • Lens and sun flares

  • Different render paths:

  • Generic4: using basic OpenGL features and 4 GPU's conveyers

  • Generic6: using basic OpenGL features and 6 GPU's conveyers

  • nVidia4: using nVidia's register combiners and 4 GPU's conveyers

  • ATI4: using ATI's fragment shaders and 4 GPU's conveyers

  • ATI6: using ATI's fragment shaders and 6 GPU's conveyers

  • ARB4: using ARB vertex and fragment programs and 4 GPU's conveyers

  • ARB6: using ARB vertex and fragment programs and 6 GPU's conveyers

  • Simple render path for old GPUs with 2 conveyers; no lighting and shadows.

  • In-game editor:

  • Storage of additional map's properties in separate .lit files

  • Re-light support

  • Custom targeted lights, models and emitters support

  • Custom map models, decals, emitters, skyWorld, fog and etc support

  • Comfortable management: great number of editor's commands

  • Checksum protection for .lit in multiplayer: all clients must have identical .lit

  • Other graphics technologies:

  • Vertex buffer objects (VBO)

  • ARB occlusion test for per-pixel culling of lights and alias/brush models

  • Some other OpenGL extensions...

  • Other changes and improvements:

  • New cvars and commands, advanced console system

  • Improved menu and layout strings override

  • New 3D or classic 2D hud support

  • Flexible texture, gl_progs, lightfilters and decals override

  • Caching some info for textures, models, maps and file system

  • Using hashes for speed-up string processing

  • Some alternate math libraries, automatic selection for fastest functions, depending on CPU

  • PK2 (zip) support instead PAK for data compression

  • Levelshots support

  • Quake2 net-protocol or new modified protocol support: datagram comression, some optimizations, client-side debrises, screen-effects, partial userinfo transmission and other...

  • New game features: footstep decals, fast rockets (like in Quake), many new entities (such as modified teleporters, item_invisibility and etc...)

  • New FlyQBE monster with or instead flies

  • Squashed many Q2 bugs in client, render and server

  • Home site: berserker.quakegate.net

    download: Setup.exe

    This package contain the executables, berserker's media, manuals, source code, sample maps and some re-light maps. Included full re-texture pack from Jim and Chris Waurzyniak collection with some normalmaps, parallax and effects.

    Berserker@Quake2 needs for high quality normalMaps, parallaxMaps for all textures, high poly models and re-lights for all maps.


Predator-like monsters and FlyQBE

Gameplay. From biosnark

Lights attached to any alias model vertex

Open image for full size view