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Global Gamers Digital Paint: Paintball2 Tournament Rules

1: General

1.1 - These rules apply for gaming, use and behavior related to the Global Gamers Digital Paint: Paintball 2 tournament and web pages, unless stated otherwise.
1.2 - These rules must be followed by all users/players at all times.
1.3 - Global Gamers and the tournament staff reserves the right to review and amend these rules, and in special cases make decisions not covered by these rules to preserve the spirit of fair competition and sportsmanship.
1.4 - In the case where a rule's literary meaning is in conflict in the spirit in which the rule was written, the tournament admin can change the interpretation as necessary.
1.5 - If a player/team notices another player/team breaking a rule, they should notify them of this. To start or continue a game without giving the opponents a chance to correct their mistake is unsportsmanlike and tournament admins can decline protests involving situations where a team silently accepts breaking of a rule just to be able to complain afterwards if they lose.
1.6 - It is every player's responsibility to know the rules. Not knowing a rule is not an excuse for breaking it.
1.7 - All insults, or comments interpreted as insulting by tournament admins can lead to penalties. Violations of the netiquette are punished according to their severity and occurrence.

2: Teams

2.1 - Each team roster may consist of up to 6 players. However, only 4 of them may play at the same time (4vs4), and only 5 may be present in the server at the time of matching.

3: Players

3.1 - You may only participate in one (1) team. Players who are caught playing for multiple teams will be excluded from taking part in the current tournament with immediate effect, and potentially banned from further future tournaments.
3.2 - You will have to use build 18 or higher.
3.3 - You must be logged in during a match at all times.
3.4 - Using a player not listed on the official team roster on the tournament page will lead to disqualification from the current and potentially future tournaments.

4: Scheduling

4.1 - All matches will be scheduled by the admins. Each team will be notified of the time when they have to play the next match and of the server their match will be played on.
4.2 - You may not schedule your matches yourself or use a server different from the one assigned to you.
4.3 - The tournament will be held in single elimination mode.
4.4 - Team members are encouraged to idle in the tournament channel on IRC for ease of communication. The channel for the tournament is #Tournaments

5: Matches

5.1 - A match consists of two maps with a 10 minute timelimit for each map.
5.1a - In the event of a tie in one of the two maps, there will be a two minute overtime.
5.2 - If it's 1-1 after both maps, there will be a third map played with a 5 minute timelimit.
5.3 - The maps chosen for any round will be decided through the administration.
5.4 - The maps will be chosen from the map pool.
5.5 - Each team is allowed to have one observer per match, who may be subbed in and out at the end of any round.
5.6 - Substitutes are not allowed to join a team until the player they are replacing has left the team and joined observer.
5.7 - Abusing the in-game chat function of a game to irritate an opponent or to interfere with the course of a game is not allowed. Depending on the severity of the in-game spamming a minor or a major penalty can be given.
5.8 - Due to the number of participants in the tournament, matches are allowed to have a 5 minute timelimit rather than a 10 minute timelimit. Both teams must agree and notify an admin prior to playing the match.

6: Demos & Screenshots

6.1 - Each player must record a point-of-view demo of their entire match. The server will start an auto-demo, which you may not stop prior to the end of the match.
6.2 - You are required to take a screenshot at the end of each map. Should you have missed to take a screenshot, you will have to replay your demo and take a screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of the demo.
6.3 - Each player must save both a demo and a screenshot of each played map. Screenshots must be emailed to buttaknife (AT) globalgamers (DOT) net immediately after the match. Failure to do so will result in the forfeit of the team from the tournament, and possible exclusion from any following tournaments.
6.3a - In addition to emailing the screenshots, please save the match demos in case of dispute.

7: Penalties

7.1 - If a situation occurs where a team has gained more by breaking a rule than they lose in penalty, an administrator can increase the penalty.
7.2 - Loss of Match: The punished team receives a forfeit of the match at a score of 50:0.
7.3 - Replay of Match: The match is to be replayed, either in part or in full.
7.4 - Team Exclusion: The punished team is excluded from taking part in the current tournament with immediate effect.
7.5 - Player Exclusion: The punished player is excluded from taking part in the current tournament with immediate effect.
7.6 - Ban: The punished player/team is excluded and forbidden to participate in later tournaments for a specific time span, or for life.
7.7 - Point Deduction: One or more points earned in the game are removed. If the team punished did not score any points in the game, the score may become negative.

8: Server settings

8.1 - TimeLimit: 10 / OverTime: 2
8.2 - FFire: Off / Grenadeffire: Off / Paint Grenades: 2 / Smoke Grenades: 1
8.3 - Guntemp: Off

9: Prizes

9.1 - Prizes are awarded to the top three (3) winning teams.
9.2 - The winning teams will receive prizes for four (4) players.
9.3 - Teams with alternate players will have prizes awarded to the players who played the most matches.
9.4 - If two players on a winning team are tied for the number of matches played, the player who played the last match wins the prize.
9.5 - The prizes are TBA.