Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Deluxe is 'yet another' large scale quake modification. It combines retexture, remodel, media content and gameplay enhancements. The mod was in development since 2006, so it is time to show some technology hightlight of it. Deluxe is build around Darkplaces engine, initial concepts was to push up graphics as high as we can. But the other goal is to make game as much faihful, as it can be. So we are delaying to add eyecandy until make sure it will not harm Quake atmosphere.
Deluxe Retexturing Project:
DRP is first part of our presentation. Since Deluxe Quake is entirely Per-pixel-Lightning-oriented, for the textures we use diffuse maps instead of normal textures. Also DRP includes normalmaps, glossmaps and some other additional texture layers, some are created using 3D editing program, some are painted as bumps and converted to normalmaps using NVidia's plugins. Skeleton of retexture content consists of so famous Quake Retexturing Project, there is a bunch of good ideas there and it was pretty faithful. To fit Deluxe Quake Retexturing task, the textures from Quake Retexure Project was changed in some ways - they are converted into pure diffusemaps with all local shadowing removed with normalmaps and other additional layer created. Texture resolution scale against Quake original textures is 8. So 64x64 will make 512x512. Too big huh? Yeah, the size is very large and produce 100% faithful texture with such resolution scale is impossible. So DRP adding some author elements to them, making Deluxe to be not a just blind retexturing project, but an author's look at how the Quake could be seen in high-res. Work-in-progress DRP screenshots could be seen below:
more info to come...