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Q3MAP2 FS-R-modifications
Based on modified FS releases by TwentySeven, Q3map2 FS-R modifications has goal to add features that helps adapting q3bsp maps to use with quake engines that supports q3 maps (primarily Darkplaces). FS-R line was started for DeluxeQuake but can be usable for other games, such as Prophecy
Short list of changes are:
  • -darkplaces, -dq, -prophecy program switches, forces some options to be quake-compliant
  • -gridscale and -gridambientscale switch to scale grid lightning
  • -keeplights switch for light phase, this works like "_keeplights 1"world key
  • "_smoothnormals" entity key to set normal smoothing on entities
  • "_patchMeta 1" entity key forces entity patch surfaces to be converted to planar brush at compile
  • -deluxemode 1 switch to generate tangentspace deluxemaps instead of modelspace
  • removed shadowing on deluxemaps calculation, this was causing 'bright edges' deluxemapping bug;
  • -samplesize switch for light phase, this scales samplesizes for all lightmap
  • shader deprecation keyword "q3map_deprecateShader ", this entirely replaces shader name with deprecated name on load, useful with duplicated textures;
  • floodligting code is changed to handle custom surfaces. And "q3map_floodlight " shader keyword was added
  • and more
  • Download: Q3Map2_FS20g_R5.zip (2 Mb)