Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Arcade Quake or AQ is 2D-like platform mod for quake based on heavily modified Quake engine. It uses quake techology basement and action is performed on special 3D maps created in GtkRadiant/BSP/whatever_quake_map_editor. Main goal of Arcade Quake is to bring ultimate arcade gaming experience to Quake, while keeping gameplay faithfully tied with it's parent.
  • a couple of new animations for player and monsters
  • jumping tricks (contra style salto :) )
  • visible weapons, pain skins
  • ladders with animation support
  • a new 'targeting' mode to shoot backgrounds!
  • new menu and hud graphics
  • new particle effects
  • more ways to hide treasures

  • build on Darkplaces engine
  • QC source written from scratch
  • portable map editor (GtkRadiant 1.5.0) in dev build
  • chasing camera - smooth, can target any entity
  • editor package for Q3BSP and Q1BSP maps (while keeping compatibility, Q3BSP is not maintained currently)
  • cutscene system, arcade style door portals
  • trigger additions (call with parms, event call)
  • front side walls with dynamic opacity
  • clear sound listener placement (not in camera position)
  • advanced hud/menu drawer, loads picture composition from script files, adapts to widescreen, supports multiple fonts with per-character kernings
  • advanced physics (pushable objects, new walkmove physics)

    Deathmatch trailer, a 4 minute movie showing AQ deathmatching on arcade-styled DM6!
    Download: low quality (26 mb), high quality (87 mb)


    Download Arcade Quake Demo
    17Mb 7-zip archive. In order to play AQ you must have registered Quake, shareware version will work either but will miss some content.

    Download Arcade Quake Demo Development Kit
    13Mb 7-zip archive. Contains additional editing media, complete game sourcecodes and portable version of GtkRadiant (extract & run) to create maps with. Should be extracted to main Arcade Quake directory.