Celebrating 12 years of Quake!
[September 12]: Arcade Quake Demo Development Kit
As been promised, you can download aq devkit on it's page. It weights about 13 megs and have editing media (texture wads, editor models), portable GtkRadiant 1.5 build (somewhat enhanced), a bunch of utils and complete AQ game source code including SVQC, CSQC and common QC util overlays like NetherScript. meny system etc. All released for free non-commercial use. Have Fun!

[September 12]: Arcade Quake demo released!
After long exhausting development maraphon AQ is ready to meet you. Grab it here (17 mb) or visit AQ page. You need registered or shareware version of quake to play AQ (shareware will miss some sounds hovewer). After you have downloaded and unpacked AQ archive - you need to copy id1 folder with Quake pak's to directory with Arcade Quake.
There is more upcoming, next two hours development pack for AQ will be released. Btw i should mention about one bug i left (not really a bug for me), if you play Hard/Nightmare skill when you get over room with three teleporters don't blow up exploboxes since you need them to get silver key, same case could be with other destructable objects. Thats all, no more spoilers :) Other minor known bugs can be found in readme, dont looks at me so evil, this is first release!
Happy frags :) PS. And we greatly appreciate any gamers joining our IRC channel irc.anynet.org #darkmaster, we haven't change to do good tests of AQ deathmatching, so any bugreports are welcome.

[August 28]: A booth babe!
We just can't avoid that good Quake Expo tradition. A present from our artist, Andrey [Picasso] Shatalov! Take care :)
Download: large-scale jpeg (1 Mb), full-quality tiff (3.2 Mb)

[August 27]: Deluxe and AQ progress
AQ is almost ready for release, it passes last preparations, hot bugs fixind and finishing maps. There will be 1 singleplayer level and 2 (maybe 3) deathmatch maps. There are more in development - a new singpleplayer episode. But we do not like to spoil it until it will be 90% ready. AQ demo will have optional development pack included - so you can create your own levels :) For your pleasure here is 2 screenshots of second deathmatch map (previous you know is dm6 remake):
Also Deluxe project page are up, you can see rough description and some deluxe retexturing project screenshots there. More info to come!
[August 16]: Util page started
As promised, we starting to unveil some utils that used with Deluxe Quake. And new page "Utils and tools" has first tool - modified Q3MAP2 FS-R release which has number of improvements that helps in creating q3bsp maps for Darkplaces and FTE. It has new deluxemap modes which calculates in tangentspace, new entity switches, tweaks, bugfixes and more.

[August 15]: Arcade Quake
Arcade Quake makes his debute this QExpo. New section includes some screenshots and 4-minute deathmatch trailer. Move your eyes over Arcade Quake section, check it out and be ready for upcoming demo!

[August 15]: Booth starts
This booth is dedicated to RazorWind Games team projects. It's a Quake arcade conversion "Arcade Quake" and large-scale quake ressurection project "Deluxe Quake". Also we would like to release some modder related utils next days. Currently booth is empty but arcade quake section is almost up to go. :) Happy beginning QExpo!
If you found any misalignments around this page or have a questions, feel free to concact me or any member of RWG team. Contact email is paul.vortex@gmail.com, ICQ 296270879, darkmaster.quakedev.com or IRC irc.anynet.org #darkmaster.

[August 15]: System log
====== Log started (Thu Aug 15 9:00:26 2008) ======
RWG Terminal interface 5:45:08 Jul 15 2008 - release
Trying to load library "arcadequake.dll" - loaded
Trying to load library "deluxequake.dll" - not found, try later
execing rwg.rc
Initializing Video Mode: window 720x600x32
Using primary brain buffer
Connecting http://qexpo.tastyspleen.net... succesful!
Spawn server: RWG Terminal (progs VQMPP22/Ax8000DS crc)