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Q1SP for Quoth 2

This was originally supposed to be my second map for the Lost Chapters pack that was done a little while ago. The entry that *did* make it in was pretty shoddy and this one is much better.

Should be ready in a few days...


Q1SP(+MP?) Mod

Just a little mod I'm working on. Takes elements from Hellgate: London and brings it into the faster paced quake gameplay. Focus is on melee combat with supporting spells and the ability to control some demons.

Not all spells are shown here and sword texture and other models are all placeholders.

The map, btw, is "Nastrond" by Vondur.

The goal is to make a mod that can work with maps made for standard gameplay but that can also have maps made specifically for it. The spells are designed so that they overlap in certain areas giving you a wider range of options when confronted with the same obstacle.

No idea when it will be done, but I'm aiming for the end of QExpo.


Q1SP for Quoth 2

Just something I'm working onat the moment. After seeing the screenshots on Neg!ke's QExpo booth, I wanted to see if I could make a map within 768x768 confines. ^_^

It looks like I may soon deviate from 768x768 though...

The Living End

Q1SP for Quoth 2

This is an old map that has been kicking around on my HDD for years now. I wanted to do more beta testing and add more brushwork but compile times put a real damper on that and I never finished the work I had planned for it.

I figured I should at least release it for fun, since it is in a playable state. I, however, do not make any excuses for the quality of this map, nor do I apologize for it.

On: lighting The Living End
Download: Both Maps

Elder World Waystation

Q1SP for Quoth 2

A medium sized base map with IKBase textures. This map is meant to be played after ne_lend as there's a loose story involved here, but it is designed to be played without any weapons from the previous map.

Download: Both Maps