Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Welcome to the Quaddicted.com booth.
Quaddicted.com is a site dedicated to preserve and catalogue all Quake Singleplayer maps.
Also all the speedmapping packs are collected.
Quaddicted.com is being run by Spirit (that's me) but most of the reviewing work was done by negke (several other people submitted occasionally).

Lost maps

Some maps have been lost in the depths of the internet. This list was compiled by erc. If you have any of these files, please send them in. (Thanks to Scragbait for sending 4 of them: butcher.zip, cavosin_fixed.zip, mercy.zip, series1.zip

  • Marsalis by Noel Weer - marsalis.zip

  • Pathway to Hell by Sam Allen - p2hell.zip (342kb)

  • Complex 24-A by Francis Faeron - complex2.zip (Malice)

  • Interviews

    Over the days you will see a multitude of interviews with all kinds of Quake mappers.

    Engines Archive

    Once I finalised the "info draft" submissions will be open, input is still more than welcome. I already got quite a few engines but if you have more, feel free to upload (password is ilovetheshubhub) (do NOT upload all the darkplaces beta releases or similar amounts of other engines' betas, if in doubt, please ask).

    Mod Archive?

    As I myself am not very much into mods (mods that are more different from Quake than just slightly modified things to go with a specific custom map) I have not started thinking about it. I don't know what things would be interesting to list, like for the maps. Maybe I will brainstorm during QExpo, but if not (most likely), everyone is welcome to do that initial work. Here is an example how it looks like for the maps.