Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Update: We have a tasty tutorial on how to get models out of Blender into DarkPlaces Engine. Please come and serve yourself ;) Here it is

Prophecy is designed in the same vein as MageSlayer and Take No Prisoners, focusing on arcade combat action and exploration, with plenty of carnage along the way, and a bit of magic and powerups.
It will be an episodic singleplayer/coop title released in multiple commercial chapters, and uses the DarkPlaces engine, with per pixel lighting and other features.

Key features are:
- Melee combat using multiple weapons, combos, powerups and spells;
- NPCs, Puzzles and quests;
- Hordes of monsters and cool bosses;
- Huge world with no save/load game, ability to enter any available area right from the start;
- Random items / monsters/ objects placement;
- Multiplayer (coop and deathmatch).

Here are some screenies from alpha version:

And alpha version gameplay video:

The Team:
Motorsep (art/level design/sound effects), LordHavoc (engine/game logic coding), Daemon (game logic coding/music).

Special thanks:
VorteX, whiskas, div0, scr3crow, Willis, Echon, Moby, Riot

Our website: