Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

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What is Realms of Quake?

Realms of Quake is a MMORPG (the capability of being massive) retelling of Quake. While a lot of the game will be able to be done solo, for the harder, tougher, fights or encounters of the game, you will need to bring a buddy or more. You will have 4 classes to choose from, tons of npcs to interact with, shop from, and get quests. There will be a massive amount of items with affixes to each that will yield thousands, if not millions, of resulted items. The idea of this game is, what if Quake were originally developed in the form of an MMORPG. We are trying to keep the look of Quake, while giving you a new way to play it. There is only a minute amount of new content for this, as most of the game is server-side, so you won't need to get new updates hardly at all. All the maps that are to be playable in the game (though servers can host more) are the ones that everyone grew up to love... the ones in Quake's retail release. We cannot release as a standalone game, as all the maps and most content is copyrighted to id Software. You will be required to own Quake. Most of the things in the game are scripted serverside, and can be changed, added, or deleted on the fly, without shutting down the server. Admins will be able to add quests, npcs, monsters, and items at a moment's notice. Here's to Quake!

Who is making this game?

There is no actual team as of yet, but it's basically:
Error - Project Lead, Lead Programmer, Lead Design, 2D graphics, 3D models, Scripting

With the assistance of:
Chillo - Player Models
Urre - CSQC maestro

Why would you do this?

I'm an avid player of MMORPG's but Quake has always been my favorite game/platform for development. I had this idea of... what if Quake were originally a MMORPG?

How can you make Quake into an MMORPG?

We're going to use an array of interconnected servers to allow players to traverse from one area of the game to another without changing the actual map on the server. Also, we're working on ways to have cross-server messaging so you can talk to your buddies while one is in a town and the other isn't. There's a lot that goes into it.

Can I play Realms of Quake yet?

No, it's very closed beta right now. The only people that are able to play with it are the ones making it. It will be done... when it's done. The first public release will be of the first episode, featuring the first RAID/full group battle of Cthon!

Do you need help with anything?

Yes, I need help with design and statistical data for items, monsters, and npcs. I have developed a scripting system that is simple enough a caveman could do it. A good ideas person that has experience with playing MMORPG's would be a great asset to have. Please, drop by #realmsofquake on irc.anynet.org if you have IRC. It's basically the only form of chat I use.

Why does your booth look so horrible?

Because I'm horrible with HTML and web design. Also, the only graphics editting software I have is MSPaint... so yeah.