Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

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Day 12 - August 28th - A Feature List This Way Comes
I've finally settled down and thought clearly about the outcome of this game. Here's a taste of what the first release will bring (though possibly far away).

* All of Quake episode 1, played as a MMORPG - These maps are joined together, so there's no load time between areas. The first episode will be accompanied by an array of tough mini-bosses, though the episode will end with the full group/raid boss of Cthon.
* Persistant world - constantly repopulated by the minions of Quake.
* Scriptable - NPCS, monsters, and quests are totally scriptable. This makes for ease of the server admin. Mostly anything can be added on the fly to allow new things without ever having to bring down the server. With this, an admin can do events, or just personalize the gaming experience.
* Teams - Full team combat system, you can start groups and manage them.
* Guild system - Start a guild and keep your buddies close, so you can keep your enemies closer.
* New GUI - This is for ease of use. All of your characters' needs will be visual and easily accessible with a mouse click or two.
* Many Many more features to be announced.

Day 6 - August 20th - Part 2 BOUNCE
Play Bounce NOW!!! Bounce is your generic waste time minimod with no real point other than high scores.

Day 6 - August 20th - Part 1 Trial and Error
So everyone knows, we're testing out a new way to have all this server switching business handled. All of the Quake maps will be compiled into one huge map. This means that there is less a chance of a bug, or a server being down. The current plan is to have each episode be a server, though we're starting off lite with one server hosting episode 1. This also allows players to chat it up freely with other players in any of the areas of episode 1. Start.bsp will be used as a town area for this episode, though every consecutive episode will have their own town map. Players will be able to get their quest and hop right into the action without waiting for their character to save, change server, load again, and hope that everything went well in the transfer. Darkplaces can handle this. This is done to make the players' life easier.

Day 5 - August 19th - Target this, and target that...
I've got all the first episode maps prepped and ready for joining. All targetname's and target's have been prefixed with their map name (ex. "e1m1-t22"). All map starts have been replaced with info_teleport_destination's. Now to just get them all joined together into one huge map. This could be rough.

Day 4 - August 18th - Change in the winds
I'm currently looking for a mapper for a relatively simple task (i think). I'm looking to get start.bsp and all of episode 1 of Quake merged into one map. I'd like all monster/boss entities taken out, as all of them will be coded in. This would make the game run ultimately smoother, as you wouldn't have to connect back and forth to other servers just to leave town. These maps should also have working teleporters and doors and everything. Another thing that all of them need is a teleporter destination at the beginning of all levels with the map's name on them (e1m1, etc.). If you think you can be of assistance, please contact me through IRC or on Inside3D.com's forums. Thank you all.

Day 2 - August 16th - Sudden Realization
As day 2 arrives, I came to realize that my code was trash. So, I'm starting over, and trying to keep things optimized for online play. Everything will be scripted, though easier. Everything told or shown on this page will still be valid... so no worries there. I'm still hoping to have more to show in the QExpo. Will post more in the near future. Thanks everyone.

Day 1 - August 15th - Venture into Hell's Pit
Welcome to Realm of Quake's QExpo Booth! So far I've posted the player class section and the FAQ section to show a little of what I'm working on. I plan on hopefully having a good bit of content to show, though there will be no release during the QExpo. Check back often for more expo-ness.
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