Celebrating 12 years of Quake!

Sajt's booth, QuakeExpo 2008


Who wrastleth best naked, with oille enoynt.

My speedmod for the QuakeExpo, done in three days. It's a melee-only 1v1 game, kind of like Rocket Arena without the rockets. Spectators or people waiting to play are free to run and jump around the audience (but don't get too close to the ring, or the referee will teach you a lesson). When players aren't fighting, monsters are. (there is monster vs monster, player vs monster, and player vs player). The mod should support any number of people in multiplayer... But, being a speedmod, it's completely untested. If you find any problems, let me know and I'll try to fix it!


Should run on any engine (that can support heavy-duty maps — this one greys out in WinQuake).

Standing in the audience, watching monsters duel.

Two fiends (not friends) go toe-to-toe.

Got fiend problems? ...

... Hit him out of bounds with the baseball bat, and the referee will do the rest!

Chainsaw battle while some monster spectators look on.

Fish-slapping dance (yes, that's the player skin).

This is something you want to avoid.

Another view of the same shot.

I've been batted out of bounds...

...And the referee is on duty. Death is only 0.1 second away.